2020    2-MAN LEAGUE

We are excited to begin sign-ups for the Rocky Run Wednesday 2-man league! You and your partner will compete over 10 weeks to determine our league champions. The top 1/3 of teams after the first 10 weeks will advance to the playoffs. During your weekly match you earn points by winning holes against the other team. This is a match play style league. There are twelve points available per match. One point for each hole won will be earned. There is also a point earned for winning the overall match. You will also play an individual match against one of your competitors for a potential additional two more points. The objective is to be one of the top point earning teams after 10 weeks. You may find a sub to play for you if needed but the sub must have a GHIN handicap. Below is a list of the Wednesdays where we will be competing.
The cost to participate is $50.00 per player for the RR 2-Man League. You must have a GHIN handicap to participate. If you also wish to participate in our regular Thursday men’s league then you must also pay the $75.00 men’s club fee. The men’s club fee includes your handicap. If you only wish to play in the 2-Man League then you can simply pay an additional $30.00 for your handicap.
If you have any questions then feel free to contact Steve at 605-413-3385 or steve.klock@joingreatlife.com. Please hurry and sign-up as space is limited and there has already been significant interest in the league. You may text or email your team info if you want.