This is a match play style league. You and your partner will compete over 12 weeks to determine our league champions. The top 1/3 of teams after the first 12 weeks will advance to the playoffs.
During your weekly match you earn points by winning holes against the other team. There are twelve points available per match. One point for each hole won will be earned. There is also a point earned for winning the overall match. You will also play an individual match against one of your competitors for a potential additional two more points. The objective is to be one of the top point earning teams after 12 weeks.
You may find a sub to play for you if needed but the sub must have a GHIN handicap. Below is a list of the Wednesdays where we will be competing.
The cost to participate is $60.00 per player for the RR 2-Man League. You must have a GHIN handicap and be a member of the Rocky Run Men’s Club to participate. The men’s club $75 fee includes your handicap.
If you have any questions or would like to sign up please contact General Manager, Justin Snyder @